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Poems 2000 2005 Collection of poems

Poems 2000-2005

Publication Date 24th, November, 2005

ISBN 1-904505-12-0

Cost 12.00

Poems 2000-2005 is a transitional collection written while the author - also known to be W. J. Mc Cormack, literary historian - was in the process of moving back from London to settle in rural Ireland.

It is also a vigorous contribution  to the age-old dialogue between Sacred and Profane themes, questioning beliefs and pleasures, guilts and landscapes, poetic methods and prosaic realities. Included are some of the most disturbing and accomplished meditations on communal violence in Ulster, the province where Hugh Maxton now lives. He is currently completing a new volume of poems and working - at age 57 - on a first novel.

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Hugh Maxton


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