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'Alive in Time': The Enduring Drama of Tom Murphy: New Essays New essays on the work of playwright Tom Murphy.

'Alive in Time': The Enduring Drama of Tom Murphy: New Essays

Edited by : Christopher Murray

Publication Date 24th, May, 2010

ISBN 978-1-904-505-45-7

Cost 30.00

Almost 50 years after he first hit the headlines as Ireland's most challenging playwright, the 'angry young man' of those times, Tom Murphy, still commands his place at the pinnacle of Irish theatre.

His work is mainly associated with the Abbey and Druid but is likely to crop up anywhere an enterprising company is looking for material which goes to the heart of those areas of feeling, thought and experience which perplex and stimulate us today. Still writing gripping plays to rival the masterpieces he has already contributed, such as A Whistle in the Dark, The Sanctuary Lamp, The Gigli Concert and Conversations on a Homecoming, Murphy fully deserves the honour intended by this book to mark his 75th birthday.

Here 17 new essays by prominent critics and academics -with an introduction by Christopher Murray and preface by Fintan O'Toole -  survey Murphy's dramatic oeuvre in a concerted attempt to define his greatness and enduring appeal, making this book a significant study of a unique genius.

Includes an extract from The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant.

Contributors: Aidan Arrowsmith, Ben Barnes, Csilla Bertha, Patrick Burke, Zsuzsa Csikal, Nicholas Grene, Peter James Harris, Jose Lanters, Helen Heusner Lojek, Bernard McKenna, Hiroko Mikami, Paul Murphy, Christopher Murray, Riana M. O'Dwyer, Alexandra Poulain, Shaun Richards, Harry White.




Murphy's Stage Presence

Reviewed by : Eibhear Walshe in The Irish Times, 27/03/2010

"Collectively, these essays deepen our understanding of Murphy's enduring influence on the contemporary Irish stage, and provide renewed insight into this compelling dramatic imagination".


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