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Sullied Magnificence: The Theatre of Mark O'Rowe Collection of critical essays exploring the work of award winning Irish playwright and screenwriter, Mark O'Rowe.

Sullied Magnificence: The Theatre of Mark O'Rowe

Edited by : Sarah Keating and Emma Creedon

Publication Date 30th, April, 2016

ISBN 978-1-909325-66-1

Cost 25.00

Sullied Magnificence: The Theatre of Mark O’Rowe is a collection of essays that combines the voices of Mark O’Rowe’s collaborators and critics with analysis by leading academics. It examines the role of the actor and director in monologue theatre. It questions the use of violence in O’Rowe’s films and plays. It explores influences and inspirations, and provides a thorough introduction to the work of one of Ireland’s most unique theatrical voices. It also takes a brief look at O’Rowe’s work for film, as both writer and director, and the crossover effect this work has had on his plays.


“Mark O’Rowe is one of contemporary theatre’s great extremists --- vivid, violent, beautiful, grotesque, each play a savage war between form and content. It takes some daring to explore the minefields he creates and in this very welcome volume, the authors do so with an intelligence that matches their intrepidity. Anyone with an interest in Irish theatre now will want to read it.”

(Fintan O’Toole)



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