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Seen and Heard (Reprint) Six New Plays by Irish Women

Seen and Heard (Reprint)

Edited by : Cathy Leeney

Publication Date 16th, May, 2001

ISBN 0-9534-2573-8

Cost 20.00

A rich and funny, moving and theatrically exciting collection of plays by Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy, Síofra Campbell, Emma Donoghue, Anne Le Marquand Hartigan, Michelle Read and Dolores Walshe.



Seen and Heard

Reviewed by : The Irish Times

"It's great to see these plays in print"

Seen and Heard

Reviewed by : Anna McMullen (School of Drama, Trinity College)

" A landmark collection - challenging, inspiring and entertaining. It is time for the map of Irish theatre to be redrawn"

Seen and Heard

Reviewed by : Irish Literary Supplement

"Should be Seen and Heard - or at least Read"


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