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The Power of Laughter Collection of essays on comedy in Irish theatre.

The Power of Laughter

Edited by : Edited By Eric Weitz

Publication Date 31st, August, 2004

ISBN 1-904505-05-8

Cost 25.00

The collection draws on a wide range of perspectives and voices including critics, playwrights, directors and performers. The result is a series of fascinating and provocative debates about the myriad functions of comedy in contemporary Irish theatre. - Anna McMullan

As Stan Laurel said, it takes only an onion to cry. Peel it and weep. Comedy is harder'. 'These essays listen to the power of laughter. They hear the tough heart of Irish theatre - hard and wicked and funny.' Frank McGuinness

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The Power of Laughter

Reviewed by : Kathleen A. Heininge (Irish Literary Supplement, Spring 2005)

". . .the collection is provocative, and for those who are unfamiliar with theories of comedy, it is an interesting practical application of those theories to Irish contemporary theatre. For those who are unfamiliar with Irish contemporary theatre beyond what is presented in the Abbey or the Gate, perhaps this collection will be the impetus for going out to see what else is there, and to have a good laugh while doing so"


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