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The Theatre of Marina Carr: 'before rules was made' Essays on the work of Marina Carr.

The Theatre of Marina Carr: 'before rules was made'

Edited by : Anna McMullan & Cathy Leeney

Publication Date 24th, November, 2003

ISBN 0-9534-2577-0

Cost €25.00

As the first published collection of articles on the theatre of Marina Carr, this volume explores the world of Carr's theatrical imagination, the place of her plays in contemporary theatre in Ireland and abroad and the significance of her highly individual voice.

These essays examine Carr's highly original voice, and place her plays in the context of current theatre in Ireland and abroad. They raise lively debate on contemporary representations of 'Irishness' on the stage, on the current state of Irish theatre, on the impact of female authorship on the canon of Irish theatre, and on Carr's portrayal of characters who are fundamentally at odds with the world around them.


Contributors: Bernadette Bourke, Enrica Cerquoni, Olwen Fouere, Claudia Harris, M.K. Martinovich, Victor Merriman, Frank McGuinness, Tom Mac Intyre, Eilis Ni Duibhne, Matt O'Brien, Fintan O'Toole, Anthony Roche, Medbh Ruane, Sarahjane Scaife, Meissa Sihra and Clare Wallace.

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The Theatre of Marina Carr: 'before rules was made'

Reviewed by : Natalie Harrower (Theatre Survey, May 2005)

" The Theatre of Marina Carr provides an impressively wide variety of essays that will appeal to theatre scholars, practitioners, and general Carr enthusiasts, as well as those interested in the broader debate about Irish culture and identity. The range of contributions to this book - actors, directors, playwrights, scholars and critics - demonstrates the wide appeal of Carr's theatre and is a testament for her emerging status as a playwright"

The Theatre of Marina Carr: 'before rules was made'

Reviewed by : Csilla Bertha (Irish University Review)

"This volume offers a stimulating, dynamic assessment of Marina Carr's oeuvre so far with boundaries of discussion as shifting as the drama itself".

The Theatre of Marina Carr:"before rules was made"

Reviewed by : Declan Kiberd

''The Theatre of Marina Carr is, like the work it illuminates, truly a phenomenon'.



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Table of Contents

  • Introduction Cathy Leeney and Anna McMullan
  • Mutual Beginnings: Marina Carr’s Low in the Dark Sarahjane Scaife
  • Woman on the Threshold: J.M. Synge’s The Shadow of the Glen, Teresa Deevy’s Katie Roche, and Marina Carr’s The Mai Anthony Roche
  • Authentic Reproductions: Marina Carr and the Inevitable Clare Wallace
  • Playing the Story: Narrative Techniques in The Mai Eilis Ní Dhuibhne
  • Production Photographs of Ullaloo and The Mai
  • Aperçus: Where Your Treasure Is:The Mai. Programme Note Peacock Theatre, 1994 Tom Mac Intyre
  • Masks: Introduction to Portia Coughlan from the Dazzling Dark Frank McGuinness
  • Portia Coughlan. Programme Note Peacock Theatre, 1996 Tom Mac Intyre
  • Shooting from the Lip.Review of Portia Coughlan, Sunday Times 31.3.96 Peacock Theatre, 1996 Medb Ruane
  • Writing in Greek: By the Bog of Cats….:Programme Note Abbey Theatre, 1998 Frank McGuinness
  • Review of Ariel Irish Times 4.10.02 Abbey Theatre, 2002 Fintan O’Toole
  • Production Photographs of Portia Coughlan, By the Bog of Cats… and On Raftery’s Hill
  • Reflections Across Water: New Stages of Performing Carr Melissa Sihra
  • The Mythical and the Macabre: The Study of Greeks and Ghosts in the Shaping of the American Premiere of By the Bog of Cats…: M. K . Martinovitch
  • Carr’s ‘cut-throats and gargiyles’: Grotesque and Carnivalesque Elements in By the Bog of Cats…: Bernadette Bourke

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