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The Drunkard

The Drunkard

Publication Date 3rd, June, 2004

ISBN 1-904505-09-0

Cost 12.00

Young Edward Kilcullen's life is blighted by alcohol. Lawyer McGinty desires possession of all the Kilcullens ever owned and relishes the prospect of his demise. However, the temperance preacher and philanthropist Sir Arden Rencelaw is at hand . . .Can the young Kilcullen be saved? And what is Agnes, the maniac's, hidden secret? Comedy, tragedy, heroics, villainy and song are all present in this exuberant, life affirming version of The Drunkard.



The Drunkard

Reviewed by : The Irish Times

"The Drunkard is a wonderfully eloquent play. Murphy's ear is finely attuned to the glories and absurdities of melodramatic exclamation, and even while he is wringing out its ludicrous overstatement, he is also making it sing".

The Drunkard

Reviewed by : The Examiner

"Murphy's The Drunkard is a triumph. Humour abounds right through. The Script cackles. It's brilliant".

The Drunkard

Reviewed by : The Sunday Independent

"Tom Murphy has taken the bones of an American melodrama of the 1830s, written at the height of the travelling temperance shows, and added some elements from Douglas Jerrold and William W. Pratt. The result makes it easy to see why Edwards -MacLiammoir, any time they were faced with dwindling houses, threw on yet another production of The Drunkard, which was sure to pack the Gate to the rafters...a 'tour de force'.


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Tom Murphy


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