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Tom Swift Selected Plays I have always enjoyed the fun, inventiveness and sharp social comment in Tom Swift's plays. This book is an invaluable record of that work, for all those interested in daring, provocative and entertaining drama.  Jim Culleton, Artistic Director of Fishamble: The New Play Company

Tom Swift Selected Plays

Publication Date 31st, March, 2012

ISBN 978-1-904-505-56-3

Cost 25.00

The inaugural production of Performance Corporation in 2002 matched Voltaire's withering assault against the doctrine of optimism with a playful aesthetic and endlessly inventive stagecraft. Each play in this collection was originally staged by the Performance Corporation and though Swift has explored different avenues ever since, such playfulness is a constant. The writing is precise, but leaves room for the discoveries of rehearsals, the flesh of the theatre. All plays are blueprints for performance, but several of these scripts – many of which are site-specific and all of them slyly topical – are documents for something unrepeatable.



More praise for the work of playwright Tom Swift: 

"Tom's ludic spirit is the perfect vehicle for theatrical exploration; the playfulness never eclipses a real seriousness to his work."

Lynne Parker, Artistic Director, Rough Magic.

"One of the most creative dramatic writers working today".

Kevin Reynolds, RTÉ.

"At the cutting edge of contemporary Irish theatre, Tom Swift’s plays are at times absurd, at times hilarious, and always entertainingly edgy."

Professor Brian Singleton, Samuel Beckett Chair of Drama & Theatre School of Drama, Film &Music, Trinity College Dublin.



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Tom Swift: Selected plays


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